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Frank X. Dipolito

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Mr. Dipolito is a graduate of SUNY Maritime College (B.S., 1972) and obtained his Juris Doctor degree at Loyola Law School in 1988.

Before practicing law, Mr. Dipolito sailed as Master, beginning at age 26, on some of the largest American flag vessels. He also worked ashore as a vessel operations manager for a large multi-national vessel operator, and as vice-president of a domestic tanker operating company.

Mr. Dipolito began his legal practice in 1988 with Hill, Betts & Nash and, in 1989, he joined Lillick & Charles (Long Beach). Prior to forming Swain & Dipolito, Mr. Dipolito was with the Los Angeles office of Hancock, Rothert & Bunshoft.

Mr. Dipolito represents vessel owners, insurers, warehouses, freight forwarders, trucking companies, and NVOCCs. A substantial portion of his practice is in personal injury, insurance coverage, cargo, hull and P&I defense matters. Mr. Dipolito has extensive practical expertise in marine navigation, ship handling, pilotage, vessel management and operations. His legal experience includes the handling of collisions, allisions, personal injury and cargo damage investigations, the defense of terminal operators, and insurance coverage. He has particular expertise in crew licensing matters, limitation of liability, and vessel arrests and attachments.

Mr. Dipolito is one of the few maritime defense attorneys who holds an unlimited U.S. Coast Guard Master